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Welcome to the Ashoka Canada Changemaker Pathway.

This site is an exploration of the culture that helps to advance changemaking – a different set of teaching and learning principles than those of the status quo. Society’s values are embedded in every detail of a school environment: from how the space is organized to who gets to speak and when. Shifting culture and systems is not easy. But the rate of change is increasing and the ability to adapt to change and outrun the world’s problems will be one of the most essential skills in the world ahead. Young people can act on their desire for change, but they require trust and guidance. When supported, young people do extraordinary things; when trusted, educational spaces come alive. How do we let go and invite young people to take their place on the world stage at a time when their perspective is desperately needed?

The purpose of this pathway is to provide teachers, club leaders, and students with a sense of direction in creating new conversations and shifting the culture of your learning community.


  • The Pathway does not have to be used in a linear fashion, although it has been designed to bring users through a changemaking journey using the most relevant and cutting-edge tools and techniques at hand. If you feel you have already covered territory on the Pathway, you are welcome to move on to another room.
  • Clicking on the Ashoka Canada logo at top left will bring you back to the site map. We trust you to use the Pathway as best meets your needs.
  • We have tried to keep the activities broad and applicable to all ages and have also noted the length of time for each activity for ease of use.
  • Your class can work on a project as a whole, in teams, or individually – whatever you feel makes the most sense given your objectives. You may want to move through this material quickly on a focused project, or apply these lessons throughout a semester or year.
  • Teachers and club leaders: we recommend that you investigate the Ashoka/Ted Ed portal early on in the process, as that may help guide the outcome.
  • The Pathway contains two survey prompts: one toward the beginning and the other toward the end. Please help us increase our impact by filling out the two, very brief surveys when prompted. No individual information is collected in the surveys.

“Changemaking” is not limited to those born into privilege – nor can it be, if we hope to build a better future together. We are redefining academic success to include a strong moral compass, sense of human connection, and commitment to the common good. The time is now for all educators and students to reclaim our roles as change leaders and give ourselves the permission to drive transformation in the education system. We cannot do this alone – it is time for us to come together. Our world needs a transformative mindset, now.

Educating with Purpose


The end of the Pathway is the beginning of your life as a changemaker. To stay connected, inspired, and to inspire others, we invite you to:

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